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With health concerns in developed economies regarding obesity and inactivity, it is becoming increasingly important to recognise the benefits that strength and fitness training can offer in creating and maintaining an active lifestyle which improve a persons health and physical wellbeing. Regular participation in strength and fitness programs have beneficial effects on cardiovascular fitness, pain management and prevention, body composition and mental health.


Strength training coupled with aerobic exercise, has the ability to increase the bodies proportion of lean muscle mass, and in doing so speeds up the metabolism which burns calories. Blood pressure is also lowered due to the improvement in blood lipid profiles.


Social and psychological benefits, including enhanced discipline, mental determination, self-esteem and self-confidence can be the result of participating in strength and fitness programs.


AM Health & Performance provide innovative solutions to improve health status with strength and fitness exercise regimes as a means to improve and prevent pain or discomfort, weight loss or making lifestyle changes. 

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