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To achieve peak performance, the body needs to be in top physical condition. Musculoskeletal alignment is vital to get maximum output in sport. Chiropractic in sport focuses on the alignment and interaction of joint, nerve and muscular tissues to ensure fluidity and coordination of the body on the sporting field.  

Injured athletes develop dysfunctional mechanics which stress the musculoskeletal and nervous system resulting in structures becoming imbalanced, shorter, weaker and painful. This means that fundamental skills such as strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, coordination and proprioception will be inhibited. 

The objective for treatment with athletes is to improve functional problems within joint, nerve, muscular and connective tissues with effective chiropractic management and rehabilitation. As a result, fundamental skills can be maximised to full potential and the athlete can return to and improve their top level of sporting performance. 


AM Health & Performance treatments address dysfunctional mechanics with a Multimodal Chiropractic Approach, using methods such as Manipulative and Mobilisation techniques, Active Release Technique®, Dry Needling, Cold Laser Therapy, Neuromuscular Electro-Stimulation and Kinesio & Sports Taping.

With a thorough history of injury and physical examination, the mechanics of an injury will be understood, and a clear diagnosis will be obtained. This allows for the application of an individualized evidenced-based treatment and rehabilitation plan to get you back on the field as quickly and efficiently as possible and prevent reoccurrence of injury.

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