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Strength and Conditioning programs are the basis of improving performance. Appropriately prescribed programs can develop and adapt the body to promote improvements to muscular coordination, strength, speed, endurance, agility, reaction, proprioception, balance and power. 

The purpose of strength and conditioning programs may be towards improving sports performance, health or injury rehabilitation/prevention. 

In relation to Improving Sporting Performance, strength training improves athletic strength and power, the learning of technical skills, muscular coordination. Specific training also offers injury rehabilitation and prevention strategies especially to high intensity or contact sports.

AM Health & Performance provide Strength and Conditioning Consultations which includes musculoskeletal screening, strength training program, testing and exercise coaching. Program monitoring and coaching is also available to improve and maintain safe and effective technique.


 For those seeking online programming, a screening process may be required to generate a program. 

Online video tutorials will be available for exercise technique education.


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