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Phase I - Active Recovery

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To achieve peak performance, the body needs to be in top physical condition. . Mind, Body & SOul.


At AM Health & Performance Recovery, we have generated recovery techniques programs based off years of research, experience and practice with Olympic & Professional Athletes as well as general propulation. Our tehcniques are heavily reserached and supported with the current science to optimise overall health and wellbieng to maximise perofrmance. 

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Phase II - Water Immersion Therapy

Experience an Ice-Bath to help soothe sore muscles, boost your metabolism and improve your immune system, sleep better and improve sports performance.

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Phase III - Compression & NMES Therapy

perience Normatec Compression to enhance lymphatic drainage, remove lactic build up, increase circulation, flexibility and joint range of motion.

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Phase IV - Mobility & Flexibility 

perience Theragun Percussion Therapy to perform better, recover faster and relieve tension and pain for whole-body relief.

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