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Phase I - Active Recovery

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To achieve peak performance, the body needs to be in top physical condition. . Mind, Body & SOul.


At AM Health & Performance Recovery, we have generated recovery techniques programs based off years of research, experience and practice with Olympic & Professional Athletes as well as general propulation. Our tehcniques are heavily reserached and supported with the current science to optimise overall health and wellbieng to maximise perofrmance. 

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Phase II - Water Immersion Therapy

Experience an Ice-Bath to help soothe sore muscles, boost your metabolism and improve your immune system, sleep better and improve sports performance.

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Phase III - Compression & NMES Therapy

Normatec Compression Garments are used to enhance lymphatic drainage, remove lactic build up, increase circulation, flexibility and joint range of motion. The dynamic compression is design to offer an alternative to massage therapy. 

Compex neuromuscular electro therapy 

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Phase IV - Mobility & Flexibility 

A combination of Theragun percussive therapy, foam rolling, trigger ball and stretching.

Theragun percussion therapy providing deep tissue massage. foam rollers and trigger balls are used for self-myofacial release to relieve tight and sore muscles. Stretch therapy to provide relaxation to muscles and relieve tension. Perform better, recover faster and relieve tension and pain with this programs whole-body relief.

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