AM Health focuses on Pain & Injury management of Musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions.

AM Health & Performance values the importance of  injury and pain Diagnosis to determine the most appropriate Treatment and Rehabilitation plan to improve your condition.

Our aim is to improve health, wellbeing or performance to function at your best as quickly and efficiently as possible.



AM Performance aims to achieve optimal physical and mental performance on the sporting field, in the work place or for the casual run. By managing and training the body appropriately with the combination of Chiropractic, Biomechanical Analysis, Strength & Conditioning and/or Performance Coaching, AM Health & Performance strives to provide the potential to reach peak condition and improve overall performance. 




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Online Coaching Resources

Exercise Rehabilitation

Strength & Conditioning


Innovative Management of

Musculoskeletal Pain
Back and Neck Pain
Arthritic Pain
Growing Pain
Nerve Pain
Sports Injuries
Workplace Injuries
Overuse Injuries
Biomechanical Analysis
Injury Management
Injury Rehabilitation
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Consultations at AM Health & Performance are within the Optimum Health Solutions Clinic at 'Tempus Gym' in Thornleigh.
For bookings call 0432 347 976 or book online here.
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